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Wednesday, July 28, 2010

I Have a Niche

I have a niche that is fundraising and supporting charitable organizations. I am not a 501(c3) organization; I am just an individual who is passionate about these organizations mostly because of my own personal experiences. I created the web-site AnDzi Gallery for this reason.

I have a goal to get the word about various causes out there, raise monies and donations while earning an income. There are many ways to do this and I have found one rather unique way to do this by earning through various PTCs. Why PTCs you ask? Aren’t all of them scams? Not all of them, certainly not the ones I’m staying with like Neobux and Clixsense. I also stand-by GPTs like Fusioncash and also mypoints.com. However, because of the nature of this business many of the reputable PTC sites have gotten a bad rap from those that are scams.

I’ve been working with these PTCs, GPTs and similar sites for over three years. I’m staying with my five or so favorites—they are working for me! Earning a steady income is possible for myself as well as the various charities, I support. But I do not expect to become rich over night and any one in their right mind must be realistic about this. You need a plan. All of these sites require a strategy in order to be successful. All of these sites require patience in order to be successful. If there is a Forum available get involved and make sure you understand their TOS.

Then are the T/Es and you really must know how to navigate these traffic exchanges to get traffic and be reasonably successful. Spending the whole day clicking is going to cause you to burn out in the long-run. These are the ones that work best for me: Easyhits4u, Hit Safari, Soaring4traffic, and Realhits4u. There are others but these are my top favorite.

Next there is Squidoo and my blogs. On Squidoo you create lens or write blogs on things you are knowledgeable about, passionate about, or wish to advertise. Please do not create lens that are considered spammy. You also must know how to navigate around their TOS and get decent traffic to your site without violating their TOS. I’ve created 52 lenses in which 50% goes to charities of my choice and the rest is mines. Link Referrals is also an excellent source to get traffic and you often get reviews about your web-site. Based on these reviews, I know members there spend lots of time on your site. There is also People String which is an up and coming Social Network that going to take the internet world like a storm. It is the hottest newcomer on the scene! At this social network, you are paid to own the web. I expect this social network to plow through the internet world.

There is also attractive marketing and referrals. My personal theory is to get referrals that are interesting in making money on-line like you. This way you stand to make much more money just by finding people who are looking for money making opportunities on-line that have a niche and a goal.

1 comment:

  1. hi
    i am also with neobux, wordlinx and clixsense and donate to 2 charities. i didn't think there was many of us out there.
    you might be interested in joining onbux as this is very similar to neobux with a great admin team. also a networking sight called mylot which pays for submitting articles. cashgopher also earns when your PC is idle (bedtime).
    no link to my blog as i'm struggling to get it going. if you would like to become a member of any i listed my username is mickizzy
    i'll see you in the forums